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Holidays and traditions

Enjoy the wide cultural and festive offer of Nerja, discovering this jewel of the Andalusian coast, through its customs and celebrations, such as Easter, the Romería de San Isidro or the Festival of the three cultures.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

Festival of the 3 Cultures

This festival, held on the last weekend of August, is celebrated to unify the three cultures that inhabited this municipality: Arab, Christian and Moorish.

Music, gastronomy and culture flood the streets of the town with a multitude of activities, such as parades, juggling, fakirs, belly dancing, storytelling, little theaters, etc.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

San Antonio Fair

The Frigiliana fair is held in honor of its Patron Saint, Saint Anthony of Padua, whose feast day is celebrated on June 13. Every year the thunder of the rockets and the flowered reveille mark the beginning of the San Antonio festivities, which last for five days in which different activities and contests complete the tight program of the fair, ending the festivities with a great burning of Fireworks. Artificial.
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This festival, whose date is marked by the beginning of Lent, has the particularity in Frigiliana that some years it can be celebrated in the first days of this period of penance.

The carnival in Frigiliana begins with the celebration of the parade. It begins in the new part of the town and with music, drums, batucadas, and hundreds of people in costume, it runs through practically the entire town, to culminate its particular multicolored meandering in the tent located in the Plaza de las 3 Culturas.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

San Sebastián

The celebration of January 20 is limited exclusively to the religious function represented by the mass in honor of the Patron Saint and the procession that takes place at the end of it, during which the neighbors and especially the Sebastianes, pay tribute to the images of San Sebastián and San Antón with showy burning fireworks along the entire route.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

Holy Week

Holy Week in Frigiliana opens its celebrations and processional steps on the Friday before the week of passion, death and resurrection itself. Thus, on Friday of Sorrows, the brotherhood of Our Mother and Lady of Sorrows processions.

The strong days are Holy Thursday with the processional departure of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, Cristo de la Caña and Virgen de los Dolores and Good Friday with the brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre. Likewise, on the same Friday at the stroke of midnight, the Soledad parade takes place, in which only and exclusively women can take part, regardless of their race, condition, nationality or creed, without a doubt the most indigenous and characteristic parade.

The Brotherhood of the Risen One ends the Holy Week celebrations on Easter Sunday.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

Sugarcane Honey Day

The festival, which does not have a fixed day in the calendar, is generally celebrated at the end of April, and how could it be otherwise has cane honey as the undisputed protagonist.

Everything revolves around the Plaza del Ingenio, where a stage has performances of the most diverse nature throughout the festive day, beginning in the morning and ending in the afternoon. Rocío choirs, flamenco dance, popular dances, liven up the square until nightfall, when it closes.
Hotel Villa Frigiliana

May Crosses

The Day of the Cross, which is celebrated simultaneously in other corners of Andalusia, has a special reception in Frigiliana thanks to the rich landscape of the area.

A few hours before evening falls, the Municipal Music Band, together with a group of Verdiales and the Choirs and Dance Group of the town, visit each and every one of the crosses, paying tribute to their dedication and effort with their performances. of the neighbors in its preparation. After the itinerary through the different groups, which will lead to the cross in the Plaza de la Iglesia, the verbena will begin in this same environment, which will last well into the morning.

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